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Transforming Innovative Technologies Into Successful Business Ventures

Anticipate Ventures works closely with and in between inventors, entrepreneurs, corporates, National Labs, universities, hospitals and investors to improve their tech transfer opportunities. Innovative technologies are often deemed too risky for end users to fund. Anticipate Ventures reduces the risks for both innovators and prospective commercialization partners by incubating innovation with the right strategic plan, resources, network, environment, investment and small business contract or grant funding to complete the critical research, development and demonstration milestones needed to reduce the risks associated with commercializing the technologies.   

We commercialize game changing technologies

Aware Vehicles

Aware Vehicles

Real-Time Situational Awareness for Autonomous Vehicles

FarUV Technologies

Far UV lamp

Providing unparalleled disinfection and food shelf life extension

Pick The Time

An artificial Intelligence driven customer acquisition web and mobile app for reservation based businesses. 

RnD Exchange

An outsourcing marketplace for research and development equipment and services

Our current innovation portfolio is concentrated in Healthcare, Autonomous Vehicles, AgTech, E-commerce, FinTech and Artificial Intelligence.

Previous successful ventures include:

Aspen Aerogels www.aerogel.com - NYSE: ASPN) insulation nanotechnology 

QM Power www.qmpower.com electric motors


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